Bhavana Nook is a children’s furniture brand based on the East Coast of Australia embodying a holistic approach to modern nursery decor.

We create slow-made designer pieces for little ones using a range of texturally rich, natural materials to nurture your child’s early sensory experiences.

We believe that the nursery should be an extension of the home and seek to reignite a value of quality within a child’s early environment. 





"In my experience, when we prioritise sustainable origins of the items we choose to surround ourselves with, this nurtures those values in our children so they experience more meaningful connections not only to their home but also a greater appreciation of nature and their community."

Vanessa Harding



Behind the Brand.

Stemming from nostalgic memories the designer's own childhood, Bhavana Nook was founded with the desire to bring the focus back to beautiful, natural, long-life furnishings.

We believe that by nourishing children with an enriched, natural home environment it provides a warm sense of grounding + connection to the objects within it.

By cultivating this connection during early childhood, it leads the way to establishing patterns of sustainable living as well as an ingrained appreciation of quality from a young age.